Content Curation and Creation

Content Curation and Creation Service in Houston

At Mole Marketing we’ve been creating valuable contents that will be useful for your users and target customers. Many said, this is a Child’s Play. But can you create kickass original content on a regular basis? Not likely. And that’s more than okay. That’s where CURATION comes in to the action. It acts like an equally valuable piece of content that can delight followers just as much because you’ve taken their interests into consideration.

To curate or create?

It’s a question that many marketers ask themselves when planning their strategy. Luckily, the answer isn’t one or the other. It’s a combination of both curation and creation that can help marketers achieve great results.

There’s something very “unprofessional” about curating of the contents. But when you look at how brands are using content curation to strengthen their own BRAND, it can help you to figure out just how to strengthen your own social media content. Just remember that content curation works best when it’s supported by original content, so make sure you have a good mix of both in order to delight, inform, and inspire your target audiences.

So What’s next?

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